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3D Backgrounds in VR Browser

VR Browser has new 3D Backgrounds, so you can now browse the web while hanging out on a sunny city terrace or relaxing in a penthouse lounge.

3D WebView v2.6.0 Released

Added new IWebView methods and properties to 3D WebView:


  • Made it so that a placeholder image is shown in the webview while running in the editor
  • Updated MockWebView so that it logs messages to indicate when its methods are called while running in the editor
  • Added a WebViewPrefab.Init() method for initializing the prefab to its current dimensions set via the editor
  • Implemented AndroidWebView.Focus()
  • Updated the iOS plugin to expose VXWebViewAppController so that other plugins can extend it

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where calling WebViewPrefab.Resize() before it's initialized would cause a NullReferenceException
  • Fixed an issue where navigating to the YouTube homepage while a video is playing would cause the video to continue playing
  • Fixed an issue on Oculus Quest where video from a previous page would continue to play after loading about:blank
  • Fixed an issue where Android Q expected HTML passed to IWebView.LoadHtml() to have # characters URL-encoded as %23

Embed web content in augmented reality with 3D WebView

Want to interact with web content in your AR project? Check out this example project for how to use the 3D WebView plugin with Unity's AR Foundation.

In the future, you'll be able to tell your AR glasses to put websites in certain places (for example, if I see a toilet, show Gmail by it so that I can check my inbox).

Mouse support in VR Browser

I just updated VR Browser to add support for using a plain-old-mouse. It may not be as fun as using the VR controller, but it gives you the familiar and productive feel of a PC.

Debugging webviews on Android and iOS

How to remotely debug webviews on Android and iOS using Chrome DevTools and Safari Web Inspector…

Browser session auto-restore

One of VR Browser's best features is its ability to surround you with multiple browser windows in 3D space. Until today, though, it didn't remember…

3D WebView plugin for Unity

Making an Android or iOS app with Unity? Now you can easily embed web content with the 3D WebView asset! Check it out on the Vuplex developer site.

VR Browser for Oculus Go

Have an Oculus Go or Gear VR headset? Vuplex VR Browser is now available for these platforms, too! Go download it and start surfing the web in VR.

VR Browser

VR Browser

Vuplex VR Browser lets you surf the web with multiple browser windows that you can move and resize in 3D space. You can watch videos, conn...

Introducing voice control

Browsing the web in VR with a wireless controller feels great, because you're not stuck in front of a monitor and keyboard. You can stand up, lay…

VR Browser privacy policy

A clear explanation of what data VR Browser saves on-device and how that data is used in the app.

Announcing video support!

Ever since I first launched Vuplex VR Browser in September, my users have been asking me if I could add support for video playback. Fig. 1 -…

Daydream controller support in VR Browser

Great news — I just updated the Android version of VR Browser so that you can use a Google Daydream controller, which is way more fun and intuitive than using a bluetooth keyboard.

VR Browser v1.7 updates

Big updates landed today in VR Browser app for iOS and Android:

  • transparent backgrounds
  • hover events on Android (coming soon to iOS)
  • finding text with Cmd+F

New features in VR Browser

VR Browser for iOS and Android just added some important features! Now you can search your browser history, zoom in and out, and move windows closer. Download it today and start browsing the web in virtual reality!

VR Browser comes to Android

Great news, Android friends - Viewport VR Web Browser now supports both Android and iOS. Go download it and start surfing the web in virtual reality!

Announcing VR Browser for iOS

Today I'm launching version 1.0 of the Viewport VR Browser: an app that turns your phone into a virtual reality headset for surfing the web. Go download it for free and surround yourself with web browser windows that you can move and resize in 3D space!