How to create a UI in Unity using HTML

In this article, I show how surprisingly easy it is to create a UI in Unity using standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Introducing 3D WebView for Windows and macOS

Create web-enabled 3D apps that run seamlessly across Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS!

Debugging webviews on Android and iOS

How to remotely debug webviews on Android and iOS using Chrome DevTools and Safari Web Inspector…

Browser session auto-restore

One of VR Browser's best features is its ability to surround you with multiple browser windows in 3D space. Until today, though, it didn't remember…

Introducing voice control

Browsing the web in VR with a wireless controller feels great, because you're not stuck in front of a monitor and keyboard. You can stand up, lay…

VR Browser privacy policy

A clear explanation of what data VR Browser saves on-device and how that data is used in the app.

Announcing video support!

Ever since I first launched Vuplex VR Browser in September, my users have been asking me if I could add support for video playback. Fig. 1 -…